[Short Course] Email Marketing Calendar & Strategy
[Short Course] Email Marketing Calendar & Strategy
[Short Course] Email Marketing Calendar & Strategy

What you will learn

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Campaign Strategy

Learn how to master email strategy and apply to your own business to build out a solid 12-month calendar.

Advanced Calendar

Get access to an advanced and automated calendar template built in Notion.

Content Pillars

Learn how to create compelling content that speaks directly to your audience's needs and interests.

Best Send Times

Gain valuable insights into the best days and times to send your campaigns for maximum impact.

A/B Testing

Learn how to assess your data and make validated changes to build on your strategy.

Brand Alignment

This course is designed to be customised to any business. Action based lessons to build your own strategy and calendar.

Subscriber Management

Master your email list with segmentation and learn how to keep your sender reputation healthy.

Omni Channel Planning

Seamlessly integrate with other marketing channels for a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your audience across multiple touch points.

Advanced Segmentation

Learn how to divide your audience into highly targeted segments and include in your email campaign strategy.


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Is this for service or product based businesses?

This strategy and calendar works for both service and product based businesses

What email platform do I need to use this course?

None, this course is designed for any email platform.

Take the information and apply it to your chosen platform.

How long will the course take me to finish?

This course is designed to be completed within 3-4 hours, including both the time needed for watching videos and completing tasks

How many lessons are in the course?

There are 7 actionable lessons.