Email Marketing Course
Email Marketing Course
Email Marketing Course

The Curriculum

Module 1

The Strategy

3 Tier Strategy and Customer Types

Duration 2:41

Strategy 1

Duration 3:19

Strategy 2

Duration 12:47

Strategy 3

Duration 1:56

How to Choose the Right Lead Magnet

Duration 2:18

Module 2

Klaviyo Set Up


Duration 6:31

Domain Settings

Duration 6:16


Duration 0:59


Duration 1:42

Product Feeds

Duration 2:45

Product Blocks

Duration 4:26

Coupons (Discount Codes)

Duration 1:45


Duration 3:30


Duration 6:18

Module 3

Email Design in Canva

Email Design Toolkit

Duration 5:08

Footer and Header Design

Duration 5:23

Welcome Automation Design

Duration 18:45

Exporting Assets from Canva

Duration 12:20

Abandoned Checkout Automation Design

Duration 2:18

Post Purchase Automation Design

Duration 1:42

Winback Automation Design

Duration 2:05

Sunset Automation Design

Duration 2:42

Design Management and Email Campaign Pillar Designs

Duration 1:49

Module 4

Klaviyo Email Template

Template Setup (Header and Footer Focus)

Duration 20:42

Template Setup (Overall Style & Font Focus)

Duration 14:28

Universal Content

Duration 6:40

Module 5

Klaviyo Implementation (Building the Strategy)

Unique Coupon Codes

Duration 2:55

Sign Up Form

Duration 15:50

Welcome Automation

Duration 17:58

Abandoned Checkout Automation

Duration 10:56

Post Purchase Automation

Duration 1:48

Winback Automation

Duration 1:54

Sunset Automation

Duration 2:57

How to Create a List Cleaning Segment

Duration 2:20

Email Campaign

Duration 2:57

Module 6

Ongoing Management

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Duration 3:51

Analytics & Reporting

Duration 4:00

Subject Lines

Duration 2:46

A/B Testing

Duration 1:20

Apply Mail Privacy Protection (MPP)

Duration 2:25

Next Steps (Checklist)

Duration 2:20


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What platforms do I need to use this course?

This course is for businesses on a Shopify or WooComerce. The email marketing software we use is Klaviyo and we design emails in Canva

How long does the course take to complete?

My online course is designed for a comprehensive understanding and effective implementation of email marketing.

The hands-on implementation process, which includes setup and fine-tuning, typically requires up to 40 hours. This timeframe ensures a thorough and practical application of the concepts covered in the course.

While the core content is condensed into 4 hours of lessons, the focus is on guiding you through a detailed and impactful implementation experience.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for business owners, managers, and digital marketers aspiring to understand and build email marketing within their e-commerce business.

Why does the course cost $1099 AUD?

Fair question... For me to complete this setup in your business and coach you on how to effectively manage it, costs upwards of $15,000


Without email marketing setup correctly you are leaving ridiculous amounts of money on the table! I have a client with as little as 1000 subscribers making $25,000 per month with email marketing and this is only the beginning for their business.